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Welcome to WB Promotion

Let’s make you aware of the terms and conditions of WB promotion in which all the rules and regulations of our company are clearly defined in the website wbpromotion.com.

By accessing our website, it is highly assumed that you accept the terms and conditions defined herein. If you still have any ambiguity or disagreement with the terms and conditions listed here, please discontinue going through this website.

The above-listed statement is also applicable for the privacy policy and disclaimer of the website. The words like “clients”, “you” and “yours” mentioned in this webpage including terms and condition; explicitly refer to you. Other than this, “Company”, “ourselves”, “Us”, “We” implicitly refers to WB Promotion. Apart from all these, the terms such as “party”, “parties”, or “Us” refers to you and WB Promotion.

All these terms are well associated with the offer, acceptance, as well as consideration of payment and assistance offered to the client in a best possible manner with an aim to meet their requirements at the extreme as per the company stated services with subject to prevailing US law. The appropriate use of above-listed terminologies in singular, plural or in capitalization refers to the same.


The time you access our website wbpromotion.com, the first thing is that you have to agree with the use of cookies as per company privacy policy. Doing this, you are able to use the functionalities of our website.

Being an online shopping portal, our interactive website uses cookies to let us unveil the personal and non-personal details shared by you. Don’t worry as we do not share any of these details to third-party companies except our affiliate or advertising partners who are an integral part of WB promotion.


WB Promotion or its licensors own the intellectual right for any material visible on wbpromotion.com. As all these rights are reserved, the website name has to be accessed for deriving the personal details set in terms and conditions.

You have no authority to:

  • Republish material from the website name
  • Sell or rent any website material
  • Generate a duplicate copy of material used in WB promotion
  • Reuse content of WB promotion on another website.

This agreement begins on the date hereof

The part of website wbpromotion.com offers a clear picture to the users for posting or exchanging comments, opinion and information. There is no filter available to edit, publish or review comments as per the presence of a website. The comments do reflect the opinion of the customers who post their opinion.

WB promotion is not liable for the comments or damages or expenses caused or suffered as a result of the use of comments on this website. We reserve the rights to monitor as well as review all comments and delete any of all of those made by you which we feel is inappropriate and breaching the terms and conditions of the company.

You; as a client or the first-time buyer:

  • Are entitled to post comments on our website as well as possess much-needed authority as well as consent for the same.
  • Are not allowed to mention any defamatory, offensive indecent or unlawful material which is actually an invasion of privacy.
  • Are not allowed to use the comments for promotion of a business or commercial activities or any unlawful activity.

Replicating/Reorders/Duplicate order color Comparison

We will try to replicate orders as precise as possible of the images or reorders/duplicate orders/same artwork color/product color that are given to us, but there will be no guarantee given on them. In case of reoders the colors will be slightly different as the these are manually mixed and differentiation is natural and inevitable.


We; hereby grant WB promotion a license to use, create, edit or de-authorize you to produce any comments from your end from any format or media.

Hyper linking to our content

We have authorized the following organizations to link their website with us without any approval:

  • Government Agencies
  • Search Engines
  • News and Media
  • Directories and classifieds
  • System wide Accredited Businesses

However, there are certain organizations like business information companies, community websites, online directory distributors, internet portals, accounting law and consulting firm for which we approve their web links taking into consideration several protocols before letting them connected with our website.


At WB Promotion, you have to seek prior approval or written permission to create frames on our web pages that can lead to alteration in visual presentation or appearance of our website.

Content Liability

We are not supposed to be held responsible for the content published on your website. It’s your duty to defend us from upsurge claims that are rising on the website. There should be no link on the website that is interpreted as libelous, obscene or criminal. You are not allowed to link your or our website with infringed organizations that violate the third party rights.

Reservation of Rights

At WB Promotion, we reserve the rights to request you to remove all or the selected links to our website due to any reason. You should always be ready to remove links upon our request without any questions or hesitation.

On top of that, we also reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions of our website as well as its linking policy at any time. You are supposed to follow the terms and conditions while linking to our website. If we find any link that is offensive or inappropriate on our website, feel free to let us know and we will consider removing those links and inform if your request is approved /disapproved.


We exclude all representations, warranties as well as conditions relating to the use of our website. There’s nothing in our disclaimer which will:

  • Limit /exclude our or any of your liabilities in consequence of death or personal injury.
  • Limit /exclude our or any of your liabilities in consequence of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. 
  • Limit /exclude our or any of your liabilities which is not permitted as per applicable law 
  • Exclude any of our or your liabilities which get excluded under applicable law.

Note: As long as our website wbpromotion.com offers information and services free of cost, you’ll not be liable for any kind of loss or damage.